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Subway Surfers Sydney

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After we enjoyed playing Subway Surfing in Rome, our next Subway Surfers World Tour stop is at Sydney!

Update notifications were sent to all Subway Surfers fans on April 4th, 2013

Play Subway Surfers in Sydney! one of the most popular and beautiful Australia`s city’s, this new world tour stop introduced a new character, Kim, if you haven’t seen her yet, she has a typical surfers look with denim hot pants and a green vest top with a surfer style logo on it. The cost to unlock Kim is Subway Surfers Coins 95,000 coins which is standard for a special character.

The game still follows the same pattern, endless running while dodging trains, jumping barriers and keeping away from that angry guard and his dog, there is a slight change in the trains design as they look somewhat longer, thinner and modern, also we see the security guard dressed up in a typical Australian controller uniform in this version of Subway Surfers Sydney, we also realized that the coins seem to be little bigger than the ones we saw at Subway Surfers Rome.

Overall, Subway Surfers Sydney has nice, bright, attractive colors but didn’t bring any new levels or challenges, stay tuned for the next word tour stop as we may see new game updates and a completely different level with an added in game twist!

Tell us what you think of Subway Surfers Sydney and what would you like to see in next word tour cities!

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